DAC Cleaning Solutions

Carpet cleaning

So you have decided to have a professional carpet clean? Here’s what will happen.

Quotations are usually provided on-site (in order to establish what additional equipment may be needed), but can be provided over the telephone if necessary. (I recently cleaned an upstairs bedroom in a new-build, but the stairs had not yet been put in place ladders were required - without the initial onsite inspection/quotation I would not have known this).

  1. The initial quote.  I will visit you at your home at a time that suits you. I will inspect any damage to carpets and conduct a test to check for fibre content. I will then provide a quote on location. You don't need to decide there and then - just give me a call within 14 days to book your appointment at the price quoted.
  2. Prior to my arrival for your booked appointment to clean the carpet(s), I will ask that any small, loose items be cleared away. I am happy to move and put back any larger items during the cleaning process, whilst taking your carpets into consideration.
  3. I vacuum your carpets thoroughly, followed by a dry agitation, and then a final vacuum. I then carry out a test your carpets for colour fastness and also for any chemicals left in from any previous cleans, plus look for any fitting faults.
  4. Any obvious stains will be dealt with first by spot cleaning.
  5. A pre-spray is then applied to the whole carpet to break up dirt and any heavy soiling.
  6. I clean my tools/have a cuppa whilst waiting for the chemicals to do their stuff! Then it’s time for the big clean! Using a portable hot water extraction machine I spray water deep into the carpet pile, using any necessary chemicals required.  I then draw the water back out of the carpet leaving it almost dry to the touch.
  7. Once the clean has been performed I will recheck to make sure those spots and stains have been removed.
  8. I then rake your carpet with a pile brush, leaving your carpets looking their best.

To help me carry out the above cleaning process, I will require use of your hot and cold water and mains electricity (240 volts).