As with carpet cleaning, there are several ways to clean your upholstery:

  1. Dry cleaning
  2. Shampoo method
  3. Extraction cleaning

The nature of fabrics used on upholstery means that greater care must be taken when determining the correct cleaning process.  Delicate items can sustain damage through normal use and that must be recognised before any cleaning processes take place. 

I will advise, discuss and also document areas of concern, and a copy of my findings will be left with you.  I will also test all fabrics for shrinkage and colour migration before starting a clean.

  1. The initial quote.  I will visit you at your home at a time that suits you.  I will inspect any damage to your furniture/upholstery and conduct a dye test. I will then provide a quote on location. You don't need to decide there and then - just give me a call within 14 days to book your appointment at the price quoted.
  2. I vacuum your upholstery thoroughly prior to cleaning to remove any loose soil.
  3. Any obvious stains will be dealt with first by spot cleaning.
  4. A pre-spray is then applied to the whole area to break up dirt and any heavy soiling.
  5. The cleaning process begins.
  6. Once the clean has been performed I will recheck to make sure those spots and stains have been removed.

To help me carry out the above cleaning process, I will require use of your hot and cold water and mains electricity (240 volts).